General situation

In Colombia

After more than 50 years of civil war the political situation in Colombia remains unstable. Among more than 7 million internally displaced persons, who come and increase the population in the slums of large cities, 70% are mothers with critically low income who bring up their children alone. The negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), which have been going on since 2012, resulted in a final peace agreement in 2016. The social situation however remains unstable. The massive migration movement to the cities makes Colombia today the country with the second highest number of internally displaced persons in the world (IDMC 2014).

Over 49.2 million of inhabitants 

  • 28% of the population lives below the poverty line (less than 2 USD per day)
  • 7.9% of the population lives below the extreme poverty line (less than 1.25 USD per day)
  • 9.3% unemployment
  • 10.6%  of the inhabitants are internally displaced
  • 13.2%  of the children suffer from acute malnutrition
  • 18.7% child mortality among children born during the last 5 years
  • 36.4% of the households depend on single women's incomes
  • 17.4% of the women between 15 and 19 years old are either mother or pregnant
  • At least 30'000 children are streetchildren
    (Sources: DANE, ENDS, ACNUR, ICBF 2015 - 2016)