The Fondation Aide aux Enfants ceased its activities in Geneva on 31 July 2020 while ensuring the continuity of its actions in Colombia.

While the Covid-19 pandemic precipitated the course of events, this evolution corresponded to a handover strategy: on the one hand the growing capacity of the Colombian state to assume its social welfare responsibilities, and on the other hand the effective resumption of support to households by our local philanthropic partners.

The members of the Board of Trustees in Geneva have for several years ensured that the 4 Bambi Homes are owned and managed by local foundations "Ayuda a la Infancia" in each of the cities of Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Darién. All the structures will thus continue to provide care for the most disadvantaged children and vocational training for their parents (PROMEFA programme). They will be able to continue to benefit from the long experience acquired by the Colombian staff, trained in the sectors of early childhood and family support.

In 35 years of action and humanitarian aid, nearly 18,000 children have received psychological, medical, nutritional and educational support. While some 5,000 parents have been able to follow vocational training to improve the economic conditions of the whole family.

Thank you for your precious support and your generosity during all these years.

The adventure continues with the creation of a Bambi association which will continue to finance projects, notably for the Foyer de Darien and the PROMEFA programme.

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